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Chris Sanders

Lead singer of AC Junction, Chris Sanders Spent the first years of his childhood growing up in Huntsville, Al. Chris got a lot of his musical influence at a very early age listening to and participating with his Grandpa and friends sitting around playing bluegrass and country music. His family would make frequent trips to Tuscaloosa, Al to visit his Grandparents.
His Grandpa, Troy C. McCain, started teaching Chris to play the guitar and other stringed instruments. Like most kids, he let the music slide, but picked up the guitar again around 13 years old. With the help of his brother Chad, he learned to play better and better each year.
However, the first live performance Chris ever gave was at the age of 5 years old in front of his Church.
He played the piano and sang “I’ll Fly Away".
Not unlike other musicians, Chris began a career in the electrical industry and into home appliance repair. He realized early on that you have to make a living somehow. Chris has continued building his singing, writing, and producing career through the years. He now resides in Huntland, Tn with his wife and two children still making music, working full time, producing recordings and writing songs.


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